The newly launched "Festival" bat brings a touch of fun and fireworks to the shorter forms of the game. Woodstock's 20/20 bat has a slightly shorter length blade allowing for more leverage to clear the boundary ropes !!

Weights start at 2lb 8oz for the standard version, rising up to 3lb 3oz for the massive 50mm edged XL. Every bat is made to the specification of the individual customer to make sure they receive their perfect power to weight combination. Watch out for the pro's using this bat in the shortest form of the game.

The Festival bat is available in two grades, Platinum and Gold in both senior and junior versions. The bat is inspired by its name and features a powerful looking blade with large edges and slight incurves in the back with the large sweet spot placed lower in the blade and a thick toe. The Festival has stunning looking Purple/Orange badges with the distinctive W ribbon on the back of the blade and is complimented by a purple coloured chevron grip. All Festival bats can be bought with a natural finish or pre prepared with the Pro Edge face sheet and toe guard.

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Purchase your Festival Adults, Adults XL or Junior cricket bat online or contact a member of our team by calling Woodstock Cricket on 01584 823575.


Hand selected English Willow
Large profile with 38mm to 50mm edges
Contoured incurves
Well-balanced pick-up
Low to middle sweet-spot

Long Handle, Double Long Handle

Platinum, Gold

From 2lb 8oz to 3lb 3oz

Available with purple badges